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December 2001
Cusp Fracture in a
Mandibular Molar

November 2001
Unusual Anatomy
Necessitates Surgery

October 2001
Tips for Accessing
Calcified Canals

September 2001
Complications of
Coronal Leakage

August 2001
Loose Abutment?
How do you know?

July 2001
Abuse of the
Post Space

June 2001
Bridge Recementation -
A Good Treatment?

May 2001
Endo or
Perio Lesion?

April 2001
The Nonsurgical Retreatment
Option - Disassembly

March 2001
without Success

February 2001
Lower 2nd Bicuspid -
Vital or Non-Vital?

January 2001
Treatment Planning
for Success