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December 2002
Classic Internal Resorption
of a Maxillary Lateral Incisor

November 2002
The Perio-Endo Lesion.
How Do we Treat?

October 2002
Technique Adjustment for a
5-Canal Mandibular Molar

September 2002
A Tricky Mandibular Molar
Treated with Ni-Ti Rotary

August 2002
Three Canals in a Single
Rooted Mandibular Premolar

July 2002
Missed MB2- The Importance
of Separate Foramina

June 2002
Cracked Tooth Syndrome -
Endo or No Endo?

May 2002
Vertical Root Fracture in
Apparently Successful Case

April 2002
Lower Molar Furca
Perforation Repaired with MTA

March 2002
Taking a Second Look - Finding that
Elusive Calcified Canal Orifice

February 2002
Dens Evaginatus -
A Case Study

January 2002
The Effects of Canal Transportation
In Mandibular Molars